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A B O U T 

Inspired by nature and the changing seasons to create wonderfully wild, garden style flowers . . . 


Hello, welcome to Sophie's Flower Diaries, I am Sophie and this is my little creative home, dedicated to all my floral work.

I am based on the coast in North Cornwall, UK but have lived and worked in the small British territory, Gibraltar for the past year. Soaking up some Mediterranean sun and making romantic florals for destination couples has been truly amazing but now I am ready more than ever to be at home surrounded by the beautiful English countryside and coastline continuing to design romantically wild things.

 If I'm not creating wild and whimsical floral arrangements you can find me travelling and exploring, constantly inspired by the changing seasons, foraging for stems and enjoying everything nature has to offer.

My style is far from the 'traditional type', I believe in letting the flowers move in the way nature intended, natural looking bouquets bursting with romantic flowers and finished with beautiful hand-dyed silk ribbons. You can find my bouquets to have a lot of movement and arrangements to be wispy and free flowing. Rest assured all designs are made with an eco conscious mind as I strive for sustainability within the floral industry.

Want to get in touch? Please email me.

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